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Medical - Klaudio Bari

Dr Klaudio Bari

Composite Materials Technical Director

University of Wolverhampton

Dr. Klaudio Bari obtained his PhD and MSc degrees in material science from the University of Manchester in 2013 and 2008, respectively. He obtained his BSc in mechanical engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt in 1996, and has spent his 30-year career in the areas of composite materials design, verification, and safety assessments for Aerospace and Biomedical applications.

As Composite Materials Technical Director at the University of Wolverhampton, his main objective is the development of safe, while high performing, battery systems with a deep focus on understanding, preventing, and mitigating latent defects that could lead to catastrophic cell internal short circuits. He is leading BEng Manufacturing Engineering program at his university and his research focus on Design for Manufacturability, is also known as Design for Manufacturing. It is the process of designing a part or assembly with its manufacturing process in mind. He’s been invited to give talks at numerous battery conferences, has over 30 publications and 2 patents in Ti-64 bone implants, and has participated in peer reviewing research funding proposals to EPSRC and Innovate UK.