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Ben Lloyd SportAM

Ben Lloyd

R&D Specialist

AM - Gold Sponsor - Cygnet Texkimp

Ben is currently working in the Research and Development of Thermoplastic Polymer Prepreg materials for key composite industries at Cygnet-Texkimp.

As well as automated processing technologies for the production of components from Thermoplastic/ Carbon Fibre composites, Ben has a background in production and design engineering and has a history of delivering projects in the high performance automotive, marine and sports industries.

He is skilled in product development, CAD, FEA, Composite Engineering, and Production management and holds a BSc in Marine and Composite Technology from University of Plymouth.

Outside of work, Ben is a keen athlete and former national cycling champion, and he recently sat down with CyclingTips to discuss what the future held for composite manufacture in the bike industry.