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Chris Brown

Co-Founder & COO

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Chris Brown holds a Master’s Degree in Engineering and Management. Having worked in engineering throughout his professional career, he brings a wealth of experience from a variety of roles covering Design, Production & Process Engineering, Lean Manufacturing, Production & Operations Director, and latterly Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer.

Chris’s current focus is as the Group’s Sales and Technical Director, having a passion for innovative, technical advancement, problem solving and process improvement. He is responsible for the technical direction and capabilities of the group in line with strategic objectives. Chris has a passion for business to become leaner and greener, delivering continuous improvement and sustainable growth at all levels whilst reducing the operational impact on the environment and the conservation of resources.  He is an advocate of new technology where it can be demonstrated in delivering aligned benefits, and of Industry 4.0 methodologies where they can provide savings, benefits and exploit opportunities for improvement and progress.