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Medical - Ifty Ahmed

Dr Ifty Ahmed

Associate Professor

Medical - Speaker - University of Nottingham

Ifty Ahmed’s research is centred on manufacture of resorbable biomaterials for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications. The research work has spanned resorbable calcium phosphate glasses, biopolymers and biocomposites (as resorbable implant materials).

Phosphate-based glasses have been investigated for hard and soft tissue repair applications and these glasses are unique amorphous biomaterials due to their fully resorbable characteristics, which can be made to completely dissolve in aqueous environments with controllable degradation rates (from days, weeks/months to several years).

Initial interests focused on manufacture and characterisation of phosphate-based glasses and fibres. However, more recently he has developed (and patented) the process for manufacturing highly porous glass microspheres. These microspheres are up to 80% porous and have fully interconnected porosity and are manufactured utilising a novel single-stage microsphere manufacturing process which can achieve a lab-scale production of between 1-1 kg/h.