Louise Goodman, award-winning TV presenter and journalist, will join Fluency Marketing’s MotorsportAM conference as the Chair of the Sustainable Materials Panel Session, ‘Does Motorsport have a Sustainable Future?’ taking place on day one of the conference. The Teijin Sponsored Advanced Materials for Motorsport conference takes place at Silverstone Circuit, UK, on 14th and 15th October 2021 and is proud to present a line-up of motorsport and materials industry experts, end-users, and entrepreneurs.

Louise Goodman, TV presenter and journalist, dubbed ‘the first woman of Formula One’ is set to chair the panel session titled ‘Does Motorsport have a Sustainable Future?’ which will explore the industry and its approach to sustainability, as well as the role advanced materials will play in this. Goodman has worked within the Motorsport industry for over three decades. She made her name as a pitlane reporter for ITV’s F1 coverage and is currently co-hosting the channel’s coverage of the British Touring Car Championship. Joining the panel will be: Rob Smedley, Former F1 engineer at Ferrari and Williams and now Formula 1’s Director of Data Systems, Smedley is also a driving force behind the new Electroheads e-kart race series.

Crisitana Pace, Founder & Director of E-Novation Consulting Ltd., has more than 20 years’ experience in the motorsport industry as an engineer and manager and currently works as a Sustainability, Strategy and Change Management Consultant within this sector.

Rodi Basso, Sport and Technology Entrepreneur who initially had a background in aerospace engineering, made his way into this exclusive industry as a Race Performance Engineer for Ferrari.

Stella Job, Sustainability Manager at Composites UK, has worked in the advanced materials industry for over thirteen years and specialises in supporting corporations to be more sustainable in recycling, bio-based materials and understanding life cycle impact.

Julia Palle, Sustainability Director at the ABB FIA Formula E Championship, where she has certified the championship to ISO 20121, making it the first ever motorsport series to achieve this prestigious certification together with a renewed three stars level for FIA’s Environmental Management system.

Rodrigo Amado, Head of Strategy, New Business & Innovation at CBMM, which is a leading supplier of niobium products and technology.

Louise Goodman, said; “Motorsport has a responsibility to reduce its environmental impact and this panel session will highlight current and future challenges and how motorsport can lead the way in sustainability. As an innovative sector, motorsport acts as a catalyst, driving technologies which can be embraced in general automotive practices.

Dr Cristiana Pace, added; “The panel session at MotorsportAM is bringing together a wealth of expert knowledge in technology advancement and sustainability. It is vitally important to address the progress that the advanced materials industry is making towards sustainability, but we also have to acknowledge existing gaps and, in a forum like this, encourage knowledge sharing, team work and partnerships, to find quick and effective solutions for advancing even more technical sustainability in Motorsport.

Gemma Smith, Fluency Marketing Managing Director, commented; “We are looking forward to a great session and are really pleased to welcome such an esteemed panel. Delegates will be encouraged to participate in the sessions, and I am sure the valued opinions and perspectives of both the panel and attendees will lead to a very insightful session.