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Construction - Miguel Escallon

Miguel Escallón

Senior Bridge Designer

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Miguel works as a Senior Bridge Designer for Knight Architects, where he focuses on the implementation of new computational design and optimisation methodologies within the infrastructure industry. He has experience on the conception and development of projects ranging from national infrastructure road bridges to smaller footbridges. Most recently, he led the design development of the Flow Bridge, where he implemented a user-oriented approach that, using state-of-the-art parametric software, resulted in the successful prototyping of a lightweight and concrete-free FRP bridge at a fraction of the price of comparable steel solutions.

Focusing on the intersection between design innovation and performance, his use of advanced computational tools allows him to efficiently tackle complex design and optimisation problems. With a background in architecture and industrial design, his professional interest lies in bridging the gap between computational design and fabrication, which he is convinced is the key to a sustainable future.