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Mike Dewhirst

Chairman and Chief Technical Officer

Mike is a business leader with a wide range of expertise in all aspects of business management. A mechanical engineering graduate from the University of Leeds with a post graduate masters degree in automotive engineering. Mike gained his early commercial and business experience working in the automotive industry and the orthopaedic engineering sectors.

In October 2012 Mike, along with his business partner Scott Roberts, set up Polar Technology Management Group Ltd and acquired SS Tube Technology, this was followed in 2013 with setting up Lentus composites and Horizon Property. Mike took up the role of Chief Technical Officer and Co Chairman working to grow a base of technology, operations, facilities, and business development, and to build a team to enable the business to grow and prosper into the future. Through a combination of decisive leadership, team work, engineering innovation, design excellence, along with effective management of the engineering team and wider resources, Mike has demonstrated his expertise to grow businesses and create shareholder value. Mike has over 30 inventions that are patented or are progressing through the patent process. This intellectual property underpins much of the existing sales within the Polar technology Management Group and is the foundations of secure growth over the coming years.