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Medical - Sarrawat Rehman

Sarrawat Rehman

Ortheia LogoChief Technical Officer

Dr Sarrawat Rehman is a chartered engineer with over 15 year’s combined experience in academic and industrial research and development in orthopaedics and spine.  Dr Rehman’s primary focus is on co-development of new technologies with an emphasis on advanced manufacturing techniques and regenerative medicine for musculoskeletal applications.  Her role includes redefining the innovation process to bring potentially disruptive technologies to market, working with both global and multidisciplinary teams from academia and industry to drive collaborative development projects, protecting new technologies and securing competitive funding to support the growth of technology development portfolios.

“I am driven by the challenge of translating early-stage, novel technologies based on sound scientific solutions, from concept through technical development to commercialisation, with a view to provide cost-effective treatments to meet unmet clinical needs and improve the life of patients.”